Working from the position of the outsider, painting from his studio, Wood plays out fictitious fantasies on canvas in a voyeuristic view of lives lived inside the walls of his neighbours’ homes. Informed by the intimate interior scenes of the Nabis, his loosely handled paintings bring mannerisms and gestures to life in a visceral portrayal of his protagonists. Opulent and almost filmic in quality, domestic fictions and settings surrender to the weight of varied brushstrokes, intense colours and heavy embellishment. Within the painterly narrative of each story there are obvious and defining symbols, visual clues that encourage an immediate response and understanding in the viewer. However, a freedom of form, pace and of what lies beneath and outside of the frame charges the paintings with a distinct sense of the unknown.
-Sim Smith

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, 1970

BFA, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
Art Center Europe, Vevey, Switzerland

VOLTA March 2017 NY, NY
Art Central April 2017, Hong Kong
PULSE Solo Miami, December 2016
Angell Gallery November 2016 Toronto, ON
PULSE Solo March, 2016,  NYC 
Angell Gallery "Armchair Tableaux" 2015 Toronto, ON
"Domestic Fictions" 2015 curated by Rebecca Wilson, NYC
Parts Gallery "The Neighbors4"  2014 curated by Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Raines Law Room "Dirty Lounging"  2014, NY, NY.
The Peacock "Chillin in the Den of Antiquity" 2014, NY, NY.
Parts Gallery "The Neighbors3" 2013, curated by  Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
The Peacock "New paintings in the Library" 2013, NY,NY.
Parts Gallery "The Neighbors2" 2012, curated by and Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery "The Neighbors" 2011, curated by Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Suny Peekskill “Interactive Spaces”, curated by Lise Prown. Peekskill, NY.
Hill Holiday space/John Hancock building, "Figures and Graphics" 2011, Boston, MA.
Exit Art Biennial ll, “Traffic” curated by Jodi Hanel and Papo Colo, NY,NY.
Art in General “Re: Source” curated by Beth Venn and Sofia Hernandez Chon Cuy, NY,NY.
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council  “Woolworth Residency Open Studios” curated by Erin Donnelly, NY,NY
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council “Open Studios” curated by Erin Donnelly,NY, NY.
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, "Ecosystem” curated by Erin Donnelly, NY,NY.
Bronx Museum “Artists in the Marketplace” curated by Holly Block, Bronx, NY.

Anxious Body, 2017, curated by Bill Clarke, Toronto,ON
Human Condition, 2016, curated by John Wolf, Los Angeles, CA 
Angell Gallery, Summer exhibition 2016, Toronto, ON
Angell Gallery, 20th Anniversary exhibition 2016, Toronto, ON 
SIM-SMITH, Art SouthHamptons 2016, Bridgehampton, NY
SIM-SMITH, Context Art, 2016, Miami, Florida
Angell Gallery, Summer exhibition 2015, Toronto, ON
SIM-SMITH, Art Hamptons 2015, Bridgehampton, NY
Parts Gallery, TIAF 2014, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery “Summer Salon” 2014,Toronto, ON.
FitzRoy Knox, ArtHamptons  2014, Curated by Laurie Carroll, Bridgehampton, NY.
Parts Gallery “Spring Salon” 2014, Toronto, ON.
Angell Gallery “I heart Paint” 2014, curated by Kim Dorland, Toronto, ON.
Reis Experimental Space "Untitled" 2014, Long Island City, NY.
Parts Gallery, Love Art, Toronto 2014, curated by Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery “Winter Salon” 2014, Curated by Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery TIAF 2013, Curated by Dianna Witte,Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery “Winter Salon” 2013, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery TIAF 2012, Toronto, ON.
Wayfarers, 2012 Brooklyn, NY.
Daniel Cooney Fine Art igavel Auctions 2012, NY, NY.
Parts Gallery "Summer Salon" 2012, curated by Dianna Witte
Parts Gallery "Fall Salon" 2011, curated by Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery TIAF 2011, curated by Ric Santon and Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery “Artificial Kingdom” 2010, curated by Ric Santon, Toronto, ON.
Parts Gallery TIAF 2010, curated by Ric Santon and Dianna Witte, Toronto, ON.
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Open Studio show, NY, NY.
Dead CAT Gallery, Benefit for High School Art Programs, Providence, RI.
Woods-Gerry, RISD Painting Department group show, Providence, RI.

The Moth Art Prize,  2017
PULSE NY/MIAMI, prize nominee March and December 2016 
Saatchi Art, Best of 2014, Dec. 2014
Selection of The Public Art Network’s 2004 Year In Review, Americans for the Arts
Field Projects, "Up and Coming Artists to Watch"
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Woolworth Residency
SVA MFA guest artist
Artists in the Marketplace at the Bronx Museum

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